Marianne Starren

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Information Structure and the Dynamics of Language Acquisition

Edited by Christine Dimroth and Marianne Starren

[Studies in Bilingualism, 26] 2003. vi, 361 pp.
Subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Semantics | Syntax


In a previous series of crosslinguistic empirical studies in the domain of narratives and picture descriptions, it has been shown that different conceptual principles of discourse structure are built by L1 users based on routine cognitive processes. These in turn seem to be induced by the… read more
On the basis of previous cross-linguistic analyses of (re)narrations of the same animation film in German and English, the present study shows how these (re)narrations in Dutch as another Germanic language seem to side more with German than with English in the temporal management of the story-line.… read more
Dimroth, Christine, Rebekah Rast, Marianne Starren and Marzena Watorek 2013 Methods for studying the acquisition of a new language under controlled input conditions: The VILLA projectEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 13 (2013), Roberts, Leah, Anna Ewert, Miroslaw Pawlak and Magdalena Wrembel (eds.), pp. 109–138 | Article

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Hornikx, Jos, Frank van Meurs en Marianne Starren 2005 Welke Associaties Roepen Vreemde Talen in Reclame op?Meertaligheid zonder meer, pp. 71–80 | Article
In multilingual advertising, a foreign language is often used for symbolic purposes. Symbolic associations carried by the foreign language are assumed to transfer to the product advertised. Although a number of suggestions have been made as to the associations generated by foreign language use, it… read more
Hornikx, Jos, Marianne Starren en Bart van Heur 2004 Frans In Nederlandse Advertenties: Drager Van Symbolische En Letterlijke BetekenisToegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen 71, pp. 61–68 | Article
Foreign languages can be employed in advertising to draw attention to the persuasive message. Such a foreign language may be effective because of the symbolic value that it represents, such as attractiveness or beauty. In that case, the comprehension of the foreign language is not important; it… read more
Dimroth, Christine, Petra Gretsch, Peter Jordens, Clive Perdue and Marianne Starren 2003 Finiteness in Germanic languages: A stage-model for first and second language developmentInformation Structure and the Dynamics of Language Acquisition, Dimroth, Christine and Marianne Starren (eds.), pp. 65–93 | Article