Sabine Braun

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Singureanu, Diana, Graham Hieke, Joanna Gough and Sabine Braun 2023 Chapter 4. ‘I am his extension in the courtroom’: How court interpreters cope with the demands of video-mediated interpreting in hearings with remote defendantsInterpreting Technologies – Current and Future Trends, Corpas Pastor, Gloria and Bart Defrancq (eds.), pp. 72–108 | Chapter
The rapid growth of video-mediated interpreting (VMI) during the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the focus of research from investigating the feasibility of VMI to developing a better understanding of the factors that can contribute to sustaining it. Within legal settings, a range of challenges… read more
This contribution is devoted to the voices of users of video remote interpreting (VRI) in a particular setting, namely legal interpreters and police officers. Focusing on an aspect that has received little attention to date, viz. the interpreters’ and legal stakeholders’ perceptions of VRI as a… read more
The increasing use of videoconferencing technology in legal proceedings has led to different configurations of video-mediated interpreting (VMI). Few studies have explored interpreter perceptions of VMI, each focusing on one country, configuration (e.g., interpreter-assisted video links between… read more
Inspired by the belief that cognitive and pragmatic models of communication and discourse processing offer great potential for the study of Audiovisual Translation (AVT), this paper will review such models and discuss their contribution to conceptualising the three inter-related sub-processes… read more
Remote interpreting, whereby the interpreter is physically separated from those who need the interpretation, has been investigated in relation to conference and healthcare settings. By contrast, very little is known about remote interpreting in legal proceedings, where this method of interpreting… read more
When interpreting takes place in a videoconference setting, the intrinsic technological challenges and the very remoteness of the interpreters’ location compound the complexity of the task. Existing research on remote interpreting and the problems it entails focusses on remote conference… read more