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Automatic Treatment and Analysis of Learner Corpus Data

Edited by Ana Díaz-Negrillo, Nicolas Ballier and Paul Thompson

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 59] 2013. vi, 314 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Computational & corpus linguistics | Corpus linguistics | Language teaching | Multilingualism


Thompson, Paul, Susan Hunston, Akira Murakami and Dominik Vajn 2017 Multi-Dimensional Analysis, text constellations, and interdisciplinary discourseInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 22:2, pp. 153–186 | Article
Multi-Dimensional Analysis (MDA) has been widely used to explore register variation. This paper reports on a project using MDA to explore the features of an interdisciplinary academic domain. Six dimensions of variation are identified in a corpus of 11,000 journal articles in environmental… read more
Benítez-Castro, Miguel-Ángel and Paul Thompson 2015 Shell-nounhood in academic discourse: A critical state-of-the-art reviewInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 20:3, pp. 378–404 | Article
Numerous studies to date have investigated the cohesive, evaluative and formal features of semantically unspecific abstract nouns such as objective or assumption. These nouns share the property of ‘shell-nounhood’, associated with their ability to package and characterise complex discourse segments. read more
Ballier, Nicolas, Ana Díaz-Negrillo and Paul Thompson 2013 IntroductionAutomatic Treatment and Analysis of Learner Corpus Data, Díaz-Negrillo, Ana, Nicolas Ballier and Paul Thompson (eds.), pp. 3–8 | Article
Díaz-Negrillo, Ana and Paul Thompson 2013 Learner corpora: Looking towards the futureAutomatic Treatment and Analysis of Learner Corpus Data, Díaz-Negrillo, Ana, Nicolas Ballier and Paul Thompson (eds.), pp. 9–30 | Article
Although still a relatively young field, learner corpus research is showing a remarkable rate of development that extends beyond corpus linguistics to other areas such as FLT, SLA research and, more recently, computational linguistics. This paper presents a state of the art overview of learner… read more
This article reports on an analysis of a small corpus of fiction written for children, extracted from the BNC. Quantitative analyses of most frequent words and sequences of words, and of parts-of-speech, were conducted, and compared with their equivalents in two other sub-corpora of the BNC, of… read more
Thompson, Paul 2005 Aspects of identification and position in intertextual reference in PhD thesesStrategies in Academic Discourse, Tognini-Bonelli, Elena and Gabriella Del Lungo Camiciotti (eds.), pp. 31–50 | Article