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Narrative in ‘societies of intimates’

Edited by Lesley Stirling, Jennifer Green, Tania Strahan and Susan Douglas

Special issue of Narrative Inquiry 26:2 (2016) v, 308 pp.
Subjects Narrative Studies


de Dear, Caroline, Joe Blythe, Francesco Possemato, Lesley Stirling, Rod Gardner, Ilana Mushin and Frances Kofod 2021 Locational pointing in Murrinhpatha, Gija, and English conversationsGesture 20:3, pp. 417–452 | Article
It has been suggested that the gestural accuracy used by speakers of Australian Aboriginal languages like Guugu Yimidhirr and Arrernte to indicate directions and represent topographic features is a consequence of absolute frame of reference being dominant in these languages; and that the… read more
Stirling, Lesley and Jennifer Green 2016 Narrative in ‘societies of intimates’: Common ground and what makes a storyNarrative in ‘societies of intimates’, Stirling, Lesley, Jennifer Green, Tania Strahan and Susan Douglas (eds.), pp. 173–192 | Article
When the Australian writer Richard Flanagan accepted the 2014 Man Booker Prize for fiction, he said that “As a species it is story that distinguishes us”. While the prize was given for a literary work written in English, Australia and the surrounding regions are replete with a rich diversity of… read more
Strahan, Tania and Lesley Stirling 2016 “What the hell was in that wine?”: Entitlement to launch and develop stories within a multiparty contextNarrative in ‘societies of intimates’, Stirling, Lesley, Jennifer Green, Tania Strahan and Susan Douglas (eds.), pp. 430–480 | Article
We consider a corpus of conversational narratives which arise in the complex, multiparty setting of pre- and post-game stretching sessions of a women’s elite basketball team. Our focus is on the characteristics of story openings within this corpus, and we consider how stories are launched; how… read more
Stirling, Lesley, Susan Douglas, Susan Leekam and Lucy Carey 2014 Chapter 8. The use of narrative in studying communication in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A review of methodologies and findingsCommunication in Autism, Arciuli, Joanne and Jon Brock (eds.), pp. 169–216 | Article
The construction and communication of narratives is a fundamental and distinctive aspect of our human experience. Investigation of narrative language has been used extensively in studying the impairments in language, communication and cognitive functioning associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders… read more
Stirling, Lesley 2008 "Double reference" in Kala Lagaw Ya narrativesDiscourse and Grammar in Australian Languages, Mushin, Ilana and Brett Baker (eds.), pp. 167–202 | Article
The label “double reference” is introduced to describe clauses which incorporate reference to the same participant in the same grammatical function via use of two distinct nominal expressions. This paper investigates the discourse-referential function of double reference in narratives in Kala Lagaw… read more
Stirling, Lesley and Graham Barrington 2007 7. "Then I'll huff and I'll puff or I'll go on the roff!" thinks the wolf: Spontaneous written narratives by a child with autismMental States: Volume 2: Language and cognitive structure, Schalley, Andrea C. and Drew Khlentzos (eds.), pp. 133–171 | Article
Stirling, Lesley 1999 Isolated if-clauses in Australian EnglishThe Clause in English: In honour of Rodney Huddleston, Collins, Peter and David Lee (eds.), pp. 273 ff. | Article
Stirling, Lesley 1996 Metonymy and AnaphoraCoherence and Anaphora, De Mulder, Walter and Liliane Tasmowski (eds.), pp. 69–88 | Article
Abstract. The starting point for this paper is the observation that a substantial majority of 'indirect' examples of anaphora in a corpus of naturally occurring discourse involve relations which would independently be categorised as 'metonymica'. Data presented from this corpus indicate that such… read more