Nina R. Sumbatova

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nina R. Sumbatova plays a role.


Sumbatova, Nina R. 2020 Copulas and information structure in Tanti DargwaThetics and Categoricals, Abraham, Werner, Elisabeth Leiss and Yasuhiro Fujinawa (eds.), pp. 105–140 | Chapter
The paper describes the basic types of independent clauses in the Tanti dialect of Dargwa (Nakh-Dagestanian (= East Caucasian), Russian Federation). Most independent clauses in Tanti are headed either by the identificational copula or a finite verb form. Less frequently, we meet sentences headed… read more
Sumbatova, Nina R. 2018 Chapter 9. My fieldwork, from Georgia to GuineaWord Hunters: Field linguists on fieldwork, Sarvasy, Hannah and Diana Forker (eds.), pp. 123–137 | Chapter
Kulikov, Leonid and Nina R. Sumbatova 1993 Through the looking-glass, and how causatives look thereCausatives and Transitivity, Comrie, Bernard and Maria Polinsky (eds.), pp. 327 ff. | Article
Sumbatova, Nina R. 1993 Causative constructions in Svan: further evidence for role dominationCausatives and Transitivity, Comrie, Bernard and Maria Polinsky (eds.), pp. 253 ff. | Article