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In 2011 I proposed a new approach to metaphor analysis and typology, based on the strict distinction between the material and phenomenological worlds. I concluded that the ultimate source domain (experiential basis) is the world of physical objects. The present paper develops these ideas,… read more
Szwedek, Aleksander 2011 The ultimate source domainReview of Cognitive Linguistics 9:2, pp. 341–366 | Article
Two fundamental problems remain unsolved: “what counts as experiential basis, [or] … what the typology of experiential bases might be” (Grady, Taub & Morgan, 1996), and the concrete-abstract distinction (Gibbs, 1996). The paper distinguishes between concrete entities as material, and abstract as… read more
Szwedek, Aleksander 1998 Invited associate editor’s foreword & acknowledgementsHistory of Linguistics in Poland, pp. vii–viii | To be specified
Szwedek, Aleksander 1998 Select bibliography of Jerzy Kuryłowicz’s writingsHistory of Linguistics in Poland, pp. 161–162 | Publications received
Szwedek, Aleksander 1991 What is topic? A contrastivist's viewFurther Insights into Contrastive Analysis, Fisiak, Jacek (ed.), pp. 499 ff. | Article