Massimiliano Morini

List of John Benjamins publications for which Massimiliano Morini plays a role.


Starting with a discussion of ‘translator-centred’ translation studies, this article discusses the Italian writer Luciano Bianciardi as translation practitioner and theorist. Working in the age of mechanical labour and mechanical typewriters, Bianciardi translated at incredible speed, putting in… read more
Morini, Massimiliano 2020 Kirsten Malmkjær. Translation and CreativityTranslaboration: Exploring Collaboration in Translation and Translation in Collaboration, Alfer, Alexa and Cornelia Zwischenberger (eds.), pp. 384–388 | Review
Scholars in Descriptive Translation Studies and other areas of translation theory have often employed ‘style’ as a term, but have rarely expanded their stylistic reflections beyond the level of impressionistic description. In the last decade, however, a small number of articles and monographs have… read more
Morini, Massimiliano 2008 Outlining a new linguistic theory of translationTarget 20:1, pp. 29–51 | Article
In the following article, an outline of a new linguistic theory of translation is given that can be of use to theorists and practitioners alike. The linguistic theories of the 1950s and 1960s were too normative and a-contextual to account for all the forms and aspects of translation; while the… read more