Mireille Tremblay

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mireille Tremblay plays a role.


Dufresne, Monique, Mireille Tremblay and Rose-Marie Déchaine 2018 The variable use of determiners in Old French and the argument DP hypothesisRomance Parsed Corpora, Tortora, Christina, Beatrice Santorini and Frances Blanchette (eds.), pp. 23–48 | Article
The argument DP hypothesis, adopted by many syntactic analyses, claims that nominal arguments are introduced by a determiner (D), which may be covert or overt. While overt D is obligatory in Modern French (consistent with the argument DP hypothesis), it was not obligatory in earlier stages of… read more
This paper presents a quantitative study of a change in the encoding of direction from the Old French period to the Middle French period: the loss of verb-particle combinations. Using a large electronic corpus, we test a previous hypothesis about the cause of this change from the theoretical… read more
Burnett, Heather and Mireille Tremblay 2009 Variable-behavior Ps and the location of PATH in Old FrenchRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory: Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’ Amsterdam 2007, Aboh, Enoch O., Elisabeth van der Linden, Josep Quer and Petra Sleeman (eds.), pp. 25–50 | Article
This paper investigates the interaction between lexical semantics and syntactic structure in the interpretation of prepositional phrases through a study of the lexical encoding of directionality in prepositions and particles in Old French (OF). OF had a series of locative and directional… read more
Dufresne, Monique, Fernande Dupuis and Mireille Tremblay 2000 The Role of Features in Historical ChangeNew Approaches to Old Problems: Issues in Romance historical linguistics, Dworkin, Steven N. and Dieter Wanner (eds.), pp. 129 ff. | Chapter
Dufresne, Monique, Fernande Dupuis and Mireille Tremblay 2000 Expletives and Change: A morphological approach to syntactic changeHistorical Linguistics 1995: Volume 1: General issues and non-Germanic Languages., Smith, John Charles and Delia Bentley (eds.), pp. 73 ff. | Article