Graham H. Turner

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Interpreters are part of a complex system involving multiple human and technological agents, some of which are aggregated into the form of interpreting agencies. Interpreting is shaped by the ergonomics of the agency as well as by those of the courtroom, hospital or conference centre. The changing… read more | Article
Turner, Graham H. and Andrew John Merrison 2016 Doing ‘understanding’ in dialogue interpreting: Advancing theory and methodInterpreting 18:2, pp. 137–171
This paper asks what ‘understanding’ looks like in the presence of an interpreter. Much investigation of understanding in Interpreting Studies explores claims which treat it as axiomatic, rather than exploring the occurrence of comprehension itself (how participants come to accept that it is… read more | Article
Hessmann, Jens, Eeva Salmi, Graham H. Turner and Svenja Wurm 2011 Developing and transmitting a shared interpreting research ethos: EUMASLI – A case studyAdvances in Interpreting Research: Inquiry in action, Nicodemus, Brenda and Laurie Swabey (eds.), pp. 177–198
Sign language interpreters monitor professional encounters to make informed choices in specific interactional constellations. For the profession, progress crucially depends on transcending individual intuitions and communicating experiential knowledge in the light of theory. Introducing a research… read more | Article
Dickinson, Jules and Graham H. Turner 2008 12. Sign Language interpreters and role conflict in the workplaceCrossing Borders in Community Interpreting: Definitions and dilemmas, Valero Garcés, Carmen and Anne Martin (eds.), pp. 231–244
The issue of role conflict and role confusion is one of the primary difficulties facing sign language interpreters (SLIs) working in employment settings. The source of this conflict is complex, multi-layered and has its origins deeply rooted in traditional models of interpreting. SLIs are… read more | Article
Turner, Graham H. 2007 Professionalisation of interpreting with the community: Refining the modelThe Critical Link 4: Professionalisation of interpreting in the community, Wadensjö, Cecilia, Birgitta Englund Dimitrova and Anna-Lena Nilsson (eds.), pp. 181–192
In this paper, I argue for a revised understanding of interpreting as a comprehensivelycollaborative activity. In presenting this case, I focus on the interpreter’s role as a weaver-together of narratives and a connector of people. I stress the interpreter’s task of working with others, i.e.… read more | Article