Anne Vainikka

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anne Vainikka plays a role.


Vainikka, Anne and Martha Young-Scholten 2013  Universal Minimal Structure: Evidence and theoretical ramificationsLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 3:2, pp. 180–212 | Article
This paper addresses the fundamental question of whether (or how) functional projections are acquired during the development of syntax. However, rather than concentrating on the actual acquisition of functional projections, we consider the starting point of syntactic development: if functional… read more
Vainikka, Anne and Martha Young-Scholten 2009 Successful features: Verb raising and adverbs in L2 acquisition under an Organic Grammar approachRepresentational Deficits in SLA: Studies in honor of Roger Hawkins, Snape, Neal, Yan-kit Ingrid Leung and Michael Sharwood Smith (eds.), pp. 53–68 | Article
Under Organic Grammar (Vainikka and Young-Scholten 2005; 2007), the building of L2 syntactic structure is constrained by UG in interaction with primary linguistic data. On the basis of verb raising, we argue against the partial UG availability pursued in Hawkins and Chan (1997) in their Failed… read more
Mobaraki, Mohsen, Anne Vainikka and Martha Young-Scholten 2008 The status of subjects in early child L2 EnglishCurrent Trends in Child Second Language Acquisition: A generative perspective, Haznedar, Belma and Elena Gavruseva (eds.), pp. 209–235 | Article
Proponents of Full Transfer/Full Access take nominative subject forms in early child L2 English as evidence for initial state functional projections. We discuss early stage longitudinal data from two Farsi-speaking children acquiring English. Our data reveal non-contrastive use of nominative… read more
Vainikka, Anne and Martha Young-Scholten 2007 Minimalism vs. organic syntaxPhrasal and Clausal Architecture: Syntactic derivation and interpretation, Karimi, Simin, Vida Samiian and Wendy K. Wilkins (eds.), pp. 319–338 | Article
In this paper, we discuss Minimalism versus Organic Grammar, and define Organic Grammar for syntax (Organic Syntax) as an alternative to theMinimalist Program. We argue that language learners gradually acquire a Master Tree for a particular language that ends up including all possible functional… read more
Vainikka, Anne and Martha Young-Scholten 2006 The roots of syntax and how they grow: Organic grammar, the basic variety and processability theoryPaths of Development in L1 and L2 acquisition: In honor of Bonnie D. Schwartz, Unsworth, Sharon, Teresa Parodi, Antonella Sorace and Martha Young-Scholten (eds.), pp. 77–106 | Article
Vainikka, Anne and Martha Young-Scholten 1998 Morphosyntactic Triggers in Adult SLAMorphology and its Interfaces in Second Language Knowledge, Beck, Maria-Luise (ed.), pp. 89 ff. | Article
Clahsen, Harald, Sonja Eisenbeiss and Anne Vainikka 1994 The Seeds of Structure: A Syntactic analysis of the acquisition of Case markingLanguage Acquisition Studies in Generative Grammar, Hoekstra, Teun and Bonnie D. Schwartz (eds.), pp. 85 ff. | Article
Vainikka, Anne and Martha Young-Scholten 1994 Direct Access to X’-Theory: Evidence from Korean and Turkish adults learning GermanLanguage Acquisition Studies in Generative Grammar, Hoekstra, Teun and Bonnie D. Schwartz (eds.), pp. 265 ff. | Article