Vidal Valmala

List of John Benjamins publications for which Vidal Valmala plays a role.


Borgonovo, Claudia and Vidal Valmala 2010 The syntax of Spanish comparative correlativesRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2008: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Groningen 2008, Bok-Bennema, Reineke, Brigitte Kampers-Manhe and Bart Hollebrandse (eds.), pp. 17–36 | Article
In this paper we provide a principled account of the syntactic properties of Spanish Comparative Correlatives (CCs) within Principles and Parameters theory. CCs have lately been at the centre of the debate between Construction Theory proponents, who claim construction status for them because of… read more
Valmala, Vidal 1996 VP Anaphor, the SIH, and the ISH: The case of infinitivesCoherence and Anaphora, De Mulder, Walter and Liliane Tasmowski (eds.), pp. 123–137 | Article
Abstract. This paper gives an account of some restrictions in the application of null VP Anaphor in English infinitives, showing how the Internal Subject Hypothesis and the Split Inflection Hypothesis affect the assumptions on which previous analyses were based. The ECP and the temporal… read more