Katharine Capshaw

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Black creators in the 1970s used the photographic picturebook to recreate black identity and history. Whether tethering images to the logic of the alphabet, as do Yusef Iman and Jean Carey Bond, or deploying images to disrupt narratives of American history, as do Toni Morrison and June Jordan,… read more
Capshaw, Katharine 2022 Photography and dissent in John Lewis’s graphic novel MarchLandscapes of Realism: Rethinking literary realism in comparative perspectives, Larsen, Svend Erik, Steen Bille Jørgensen and Margaret R. Higonnet (eds.), pp. 709–724 | To be specified
This essay argues for the vitality of the graphic novel within analyses of realism. Focusing on John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell’s trilogy, March (2013‒2016), the case study embraces a definition of the real that accepts the subjectivity of historical narrative. The essay examines the… read more