Richard VanNess Simmons

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Subjects Historical linguistics | Phonology | Sino-Tibetan languages


Three contemporaneous descriptions of Guānhuà from the beginning of the 19th century collectively provide a rich and evocative representation that contains a trove of details regarding the nature of that koine and its relationship to Mandarin and local dialects in the urban linguistic milieu of… read more
The Dōngběi dialects comprise a Mandarin subgroup that is related to, but nevertheless clearly distinct from, the Běijīng dialect. The dialects are an exceedingly young variety formed by a huge wave of emigrants from northern Chinese provinces who moved into the theretofore sparsely populated… read more
This paper examines the origins and evolution of the Chinese linguistic concept known as the sìhū 四呼 “four types of rime onset” that is frequently applied to the description and analysis of Mandarin and Chinese dialect phonology. Through the examination of phonological texts primarily of the Míng… read more
Simmons, Richard VanNess 2006 How Rime-Book Based Analyses Can Lead Us AstrayThe Chinese Rime Tables: Linguistic philosophy and historical-comparative phonology, Branner, David Prager (ed.), pp. 171–182 | Chapter