Carl Vetters

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Perspectives on Aspect and Aktionsart

Edited by Carl Vetters and Willy Vandeweghe

[Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 6] 1991. 182 pp.
Subjects Semantics | Syntax


Vetters, Carl and Willy Vandeweghe 1991 IntroductionPerspectives on Aspect and Aktionsart, Vetters, Carl and Willy Vandeweghe (eds.), pp. 7–8 | Miscellaneous
Vetters, Carl 1989 Grammaticalité au Passé RécentLingvisticæ Investigationes 13:2, pp. 369–386 | Article
There are many misunderstandings concerning the French periphrasis venir de + infinitif, mostly called passé récent. Certain aspects of its use like the combination with time adverbials hardly have been examined. The use of the periphrasis is restricted in several ways: it can't be used in the… read more
Vetters, Carl 1988 La Localisation TemporelleLingvisticæ Investigationes 12:2, pp. 337–361 | Article
The paper proposes a new approach to temporal clauses and temporal adverbs, which are mostly said to "localize" the main verb. In recent work of Vicenzo Lo Cascio and others, temporal clauses and adverbs are treated completely differently and independently. We want to show that they should be… read more