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Youth language at the intersection: From migration to globalization

Edited by Mary Bucholtz and Elena Skapoulli

Special issue of Pragmatics 19:1 (2009) ca. 125 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics


In the absence of complex and diverse Latinx characters in entertainment media, film and television representations of Latinxs’ culture and language typically embody limiting and harmful stereotypes. However, the highly praised U.S.-based romantic comedy-drama “Jane the Virgin” offers a very… read more
This article builds on research in queer linguistics and linguistic scholarship on race in the media to examine the semiotic representation of race, gender, and sexuality in The Wire, often considered one of the most “authentic” media representations of Blackness. Based on an analysis of the… read more
Bucholtz, Mary and Elena Skapoulli 2009 Introduction youth language at the intersection: From migration to globalizationYouth language at the intersection: From migration to globalization, Bucholtz, Mary and Elena Skapoulli (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Article
This special issue examines the linguistic production of youth identities under conditions of cultural mobility. Building on theories of migration, transnationalism, and globalization that have emerged in anthropology, cultural studies, and other fields, the contributions to the special issue… read more
The article examines how two Laotian American teenage girls in a multiracial California high school take divergent pathways through two contrasting stereotypes of Southeast Asian Americans: The model–minority nerd and the dangerous gangster. The two girls, both first-generation immigrants, each… read more
Bucholtz, Mary 1995 Language in evidence: The pragmatics of translation and the judicial processTranslation and the Law, Morris, Marshall † (ed.), pp. 115 ff. | Article