Kathryn Allan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kathryn Allan plays a role.


Allan, Kathryn 2021 Metaphor, metonymy and polysemy: A historical perspectiveFigurative Language – Intersubjectivity and Usage, Soares da Silva, Augusto (ed.), pp. 287–306 | Chapter
Polysemy is a basic principle of the lexis of English, but the full range of senses of a lexeme and the ways in which these interact are not often considered in accounts of metaphor and metonymy. This paper presents a case study of the lexeme dull, which develops multiple meanings that do not… read more
Durkin, Philip and Kathryn Allan 2016 Chapter 4. Borrowing and copy: A philological approach to Early Modern English lexicologyLinguistics and Literary History: In honour of Sylvia Adamson, Auer, Anita, Victorina González-Díaz, Jane Hodson and Violeta Sotirova (eds.), pp. 71–86 | Article
Adamson (1999) demonstrates the importance of “copy” (copia) as a motivation for lexical borrowing in early modern English. Our paper will take this observation as its starting point. Using data from the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary to gain an overview of the available… read more