Ana Fernández-Montraveta

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ana Fernández-Montraveta plays a role.


Fernández-Montraveta, Ana, Gloria Vázquez and Mihaela Topor 2022 A contrastive study of the degree of grammaticalization of verbal periphrases in Catalan, Spanish and RomanianFrom Verbal Periphrases to Complex Predicates, Garachana Camarero, Mar, Sandra Montserrat Buendia and Claus Dieter Pusch (eds.), pp. 211–233 | Chapter
The aim of this study is to compare verbal periphrases (VPs) between three Romance languages (Spanish, Catalan and Romanian) and establish the degree of grammaticalization of these linguistic elements in each language. From the analysis of the data, we can assert that the degree of… read more
Alonso i Alemany, Laura, Joan Antoni Capilla, Irene Castellón Masalles, Ana Fernández-Montraveta and Gloria Vázquez 2007 The SenSem project: Syntactico-semantic annotation of sentences in SpanishRecent Advances in Natural Language Processing IV: Selected papers from RANLP 2005, Nicolov, Nicolas, Kalina Bontcheva, Galia Angelova and Ruslan Mitkov (eds.), pp. 89–98 | Article