Paolo Dainotti

List of John Benjamins publications for which Paolo Dainotti plays a role.


Dainotti, Paolo 2020 On the expressive and iconic value of enjambment from Homer to MiltonOperationalizing Iconicity, Perniss, Pamela, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 125–136 | Chapter
Enjambment, the breaking of correspondence between meter and syntax usually employed to avoid the monotony of verse-phrase, is also, in some cases, exploited as an effective stylistic figure to charge the diction with expressiveness at various levels. The aim of my paper is to discuss the iconic… read more
Dainotti, Paolo 2013 Visual iconicity in Latin poetryIconic Investigations, Elleström, Lars, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 173–190 | Article
This paper aims to assess the role of visual iconicity in Latin poetry. Even though major Latin poems include, indeed, a good deal of verses that succeed in recreating mimetically the subject matter by exploiting the potential of word ordering – a good case in point is Aen. IV 165 speluncam Dido… read more