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ISSN 1598-7647 | E-ISSN 2451-909X


Désir de traduire et légitimité du traducteur / New Drivers of Translation - a Challenge for Professional Translators

Guest-edited by Nicolas Froeliger and Colette Laplace

Special issue of FORUM 10:1 (2012) v, 306 pp.
Subjects Translation Studies


Nous parlons d’humour involontaire lorsque se glisse dans un texte d’arrivée un élément comique qui est passé inaperçu des traducteurs, que ceux-ci en soient à l’origine, ou l’aient simplement transmis par inadvertance. Après avoir positionné ce problème aux confins des études sur l’humour et de… read more
Froeliger, Nicolas 2016 Adultery on a grand scale: Adapting Bob Dylan in FrenchFORUM 14:1, pp. 41–63 | Article
This paper is the second in a series dealing with adaptations of Bob Dylan songs in French. The first one was about the merits and perils of being faithful. This one deals with various strategies that somehow take more liberties with the original material. Four non mutually-exclusive strategies are… read more
Abstract/Résumé This introduction is a synthesis of the approach we have chosen for this volume. In this day and age, when translation appears to have secured some legitimacy as a profession, the availability of translating tools of all sorts, and the far-reaching evolution of society at large,… read more