Bert Weltens

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Writing Assessment in Higher Education

Edited by Bert Weltens, Jos Hornikx, Wander Lowie, Petra Poelmans and Rebecca L. Present-Thomas

Special issue of Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 2:1 (2013) ix, 132 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism

The Bilingual Lexicon

Edited by Robert Schreuder and Bert Weltens

[Studies in Bilingualism, 6] 1993. viii, 307 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Multilingualism | Semantics | Theoretical linguistics


Present-Thomas, Rebecca L., Bert Weltens and John H.A.L. de Jong 2013 Defining proficiency: A comparative analysis of CEF level classification methods in a written learner corpusWriting Assessment in Higher Education, Weltens, Bert, Jos Hornikx, Wander Lowie, Petra Poelmans and Rebecca L. Present-Thomas (eds.), pp. 57–76 | Article
In this study, various proficiency classification methods are explored in order to describe the relevant levels on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) that are represented by a group of 127 incoming English students at a Dutch university with respect to academic writing.… read more
Weltens, Bert 2013 PrefaceDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 2:2, p.  | Article
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Bot, Kees de and Bert Weltens 1997 Multilingualism in the Netherlands?Perspectives on Foreign Language Policy: Studies in honor of Theo van Els, Bongaerts, Theo and Kees de Bot (eds.), pp. 143 ff. | Article
Research into language attrition was started in Nijmegen in 1982. The initiative was inspired by an American conference held in 1980, the proceedings of which were published in The loss of language skills (Lambert, R. & Freed, B. (eds.). Rowley, MA: Newbury House, 1982). Language attrition research… read more
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Weltens, Bert en Marjon Grendel 1989 Taal Verlies en Woordherkenning in Het FransLexicon en taalverwerving, pp. 76–80 | Article
The results of a recently completed research project into the retention of receptive skills in French by students and ex-students of the highest type of Dutch secondary education, VWO, showed that these skills hardly decrease during a period of four years after course completion. The fact that… read more
Schumans, Jos, Charles van Os en Bert Weltens 1985 Vocabulairekennis In De Vreemde Taal Na Beëindiging Van Het OnderwijsToegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen 23, pp. 81–89 | Article
This paper deals with the loss of FL-vocabulary in French and German learned in formal secondary Dutch education ("VWO). Using a cross-sectional design, we investigated the development of FL-vocabulary from the end of grade 4 - the moment at which pupils can drop one or two FLs - up to the end of… read more
Edwards, Viv K. and Bert Weltens 1984 Research on non-standard dialects of British English: Progress and prospectsFocus on: England and Wales, Viereck, Wolfgang (ed.), pp. 97–139 | Article