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Multidisciplinary Approaches to Code Switching

Edited by Ludmila Isurin, Donald Winford and Kees de Bot

[Studies in Bilingualism, 41] 2009. xviii, 364 pp.
Subjects Multilingualism | Psycholinguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Contact Linguistics | Creole studies | Typology
Subjects Contact Linguistics | Creole studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Syntax

Predication in Caribbean English Creoles

Donald Winford

[Creole Language Library, 10] 1993. viii, 419 pp.
Subjects Contact Linguistics | Creole studies | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics


Winford, Donald 2020 Chapter 1. The New Spanishes in the context of contact linguistics: Toward a unified approachHispanic Contact Linguistics: Theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives, Ortiz López, Luis A., Rosa E. Guzzardo Tamargo and Melvin González-Rivera (eds.), pp. 11–42 | Chapter
Weinreich (1953) argued that a comprehensive model of language contact must integrate linguistic, sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic approaches. This paper discusses how such a model can be applied to the contact languages that arose in the Spanish colonies as a result of contact between Spanish… read more
There now seems to be agreement that the grammar of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) has its primary sources in settler varieties of British English. However, there is still no consensus on the role played by creole varieties in shaping certain aspects of AAVE grammar, or on the time… read more
Winford, Donald 2013 AfterwordThe Interplay of Variation and Change in Contact Settings, Léglise, Isabelle and Claudine Chamoreau (eds.), pp. 253–260 | Article
Winford, Donald 2011 Revisiting variation between sa and o in SrananVariation in the Caribbean: From creole continua to individual agency, Hinrichs, Lars and Joseph T. Farquharson (eds.), pp. 13–38 | Article
Sranan employs two markers, sa and o, which both express some kind of futurity, but the precise nature of the difference between them has been difficult to pin down. Some researchers claim that sa and o are both primarily temporal in nature, but others treat sa as primarily modal, and o as… read more
Migge, Bettina and Donald Winford 2009 The origin and development of possibility in the creoles of SurinameGradual Creolization: Studies celebrating Jacques Arends, Selbach, Rachel, Hugo C. Cardoso and Margot van den Berg (eds.), pp. 129–153 | Article
In this paper we discuss the origin and development of the expression of possibility in the creoles of Suriname. We first describe the systems of possibility in Sranan and three Maroon creoles (Ndyuka, Pamaka, and Saamaka), drawing on data elicited from informants, conversational data, as well as… read more
Winford, Donald 2009 11. On the unity of contact phenomena and their underlying mechanisms: The case of borrowingMultidisciplinary Approaches to Code Switching, Isurin, Ludmila, Donald Winford and Kees de Bot (eds.), pp. 279–305 | Article
Winford, Donald and Bettina Migge 2007 Substrate influence on the emergence of the TMA systems of the Surinamese creolesSubstrate Influence in Creole Formation, Migge, Bettina and Norval Smith (eds.), pp. 73–99 | Article
Although the Surinamese Creoles have figured prominently in discussions about Creole genesis, little is still known about the origin of their TMA system, a central area of grammar that has received much attention in this debate. In this paper we assess the relative contribution of the primary… read more
Winford, Donald 2006 11. Reduced syntax in (prototypical) pidginsThe Syntax of Nonsententials: Multidisciplinary perspectives, Progovac, Ljiljana, Kate Paesani, Eugenia Casielles-Suárez and Ellen Barton (eds.), pp. 283–307 | Chapter
Winford, Donald 2006 The restructuring of tense/aspect systems in creole formationStructure and Variation in Language Contact, Deumert, Ana and Stephanie Durrleman (eds.), pp. 85–110 | Chapter
This paper attempts to reconcile the so-called ‘superstratist’ and ‘substratist’ views on creole formation, with special attention to the emergence of tense/aspect systems in Haitian French Creole and Sranan Tongo. Creole formation involves a process of restructuring by which interlanguage grammars… read more
Traditionally, contact-induced changes in languages have been classified into two broad categories: those due to ‘borrowing’ and those due to ‘interference’ by an L1 or other primary language on an L2 in the course of second language acquisition (SLA). Other terms used for ‘interference’ include… read more
Winford, Donald 2000 Tense and Aspect in Sranan and the Creole PrototypeLanguage Change and Language Contact in Pidgins and Creoles, McWhorter, John H. (ed.), pp. 383 ff. | Article
Winford, Donald 2000 “Intermediate” creoles and degrees of change in creole formation: The case of BajanDegrees of Restructuring in Creole Languages, Neumann-Holzschuh, Ingrid and Edgar W. Schneider (eds.), pp. 215 ff. | Article
SUMMARY In this second part of a two-part study of the origins of African American Vernacular English (AAVE), specific structural features of this dialect are examined and the argument is made that they arose via a process of language shift by Africans toward the white settler dialects of the… read more
SUMMARY This article is the first of a two-part study of the origins of African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). It examines the sociohistorical background to the emergence of AAVE with a view to establishing that this variety resulted initially from a process of language shift by… read more
This paper revisits the long-standing controversy over whether so-called predicate adjectives like bigi 'big', bradi 'wide', etc. in Sranan (and other creoles) are truly adjectives or a subclass of verb. Using a variety of diagnostics, it concludes that such items are in fact verbal in their… read more
Winford, Donald 1997 Creole Studies and SociolinguisticsJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 12:2, pp. 303–318 | Miscellaneous
Winford, Donald 1996 Common Ground and Creole TMAJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 11:1, pp. 71–84 | Miscellaneous
Winford, Donald 1996 Creole Typology and RelationshipsJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 11:2, pp. 313–328 | Miscellaneous
Winford, Donald 1993 Directional Serial Verb Constructions in Caribbean English CreolesAtlantic Meets Pacific: A global view of pidginization and creolization, Byrne, Francis and John Holm † (eds.), pp. 183 ff. | Article
This paper examines variation in the use of copula forms and copulative structures in the Guyanese Creole (GC) continuum. A previous analysis by Bickerton (1973a, 1973b), who presented a polylectal grammar based on implicational relationships in the introduction and use of copular be, is examined… read more