Maria Vollmer

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Mandarin has a low rate of overtly expressed arguments in all syntactic functions without agreement marking on the verb. It has been claimed that Mandarin exhibits higher rates of zero arguments than other languages. Most previous work has compared Mandarin with English, while comparison with… read more
Schnell, Stefan, Geoffrey L.J. Haig, Nils Norman Schiborr and Maria Vollmer 2023 Chapter 9. Are referent introductions sensitive to forward planning in discourse? Evidence from Multi-CASTDiscourse Phenomena in Typological Perspective, Barotto, Alessandra and Simone Mattiola (eds.), pp. 231–268 | Chapter
It has been argued that speakers employ morphosyntactic structures such as presentationals and left-dislocations (Lambrecht 1994) to establish new entities in discourse due to considerations of referent accessibility vis-à-vis event processing (Du Bois 1987; Chafe 1987). We here investigate… read more