Yael Ziv

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Discourse Markers: Descriptions and theory

Edited by Andreas H. Jucker and Yael Ziv

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 57] 1998. x, 363 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Ziv, Yael 2008 Codifying apparent inconsistencies in discourse: The case of Hebrew maCurrent Issues in Generative Hebrew Linguistics, Armon-Lotem, Sharon, Gabi Danon and Susan Rothstein (eds.), pp. 353–388 | Article
In this paper I examine the Modern Hebrew discourse marker ma the function of which is to help anchor new information into the discourse when it appears that the newly introduced material is inconsistent with information assumed to be already in the addressees knowledge store. I claim that ma is… read more
Ziv, Yael 2003 Review of Grundy (2000): Doing PragmaticsPragmatics & Cognition 11:1, pp. 196–202 | Review
Jucker, Andreas H. and Yael Ziv 1998 Discourse Markers: IntroductionDiscourse Markers: Descriptions and theory, Jucker, Andreas H. and Yael Ziv (eds.), pp. 1 ff. | Article
Ziv, Yael 1998 Hebrew kaze as Discourse Marker and Lexical Hedge: Conceptual and Procedural PropertiesDiscourse Markers: Descriptions and theory, Jucker, Andreas H. and Yael Ziv (eds.), pp. 203 ff. | Article
Ziv, Yael 1997 Conditionals and restrictives on genericsOn Conditionals Again, Athanasiadou, Angeliki and René Dirven † (eds.), pp. 223 ff. | Article
Ziv, Yael 1996 Pronominal Reference to Inferred AntecedentsCoherence and Anaphora, De Mulder, Walter and Liliane Tasmowski (eds.), pp. 55–67 | Article
Abstract. It is argued that, contrary to what is predicted by many approaches to "bridging", relevance and script activation can license pronominal reference to inferred antecedents. The relevant script activation mechanism operates under conditions of prototypical role players and stereotypical… read more
Ziv, Yael 1993 Causality and Context DependencePerspectives on Language and Conceptualization, Nuyts, Jan and Eric Pederson (eds.), pp. 187–200 | Article
Ziv, Yael 1988 Word order in children’s literature: FSP and markednessThe Prague School and Its Legacy, Tobin, Yishai (ed.), pp. 123 ff. | Article