Rolf A. Zwaan

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Subjects Theoretical literature & literary studies


Nooijer, Jacqueline A. de, Tamara van Gog, Fred Paas and Rolf A. Zwaan 2014 Words in action: Using gestures to improve verb learning in primary school childrenGesture 14:1, pp. 46–69 | Article
Research on embodied cognition has shown that action and language are closely intertwined. The present study seeks to exploit this relationship, by systematically investigating whether motor activation would improve eight-to-nine year old children’s learning of vocabulary in their first language.… read more
The consensus view in cognitive psychology is that the construction of situation models is an integral part of language comprehension. A great deal of empirical evidence supports this view. Moreover, recent theorizing and empirical evidence suggest that situation models are best viewed as… read more
Zwaan, Rolf A., Gabriel A. Radvansky and Shannon Whitten 2002 2. Situation models and themesThematics: Interdisciplinary Studies, Louwerse, Max M. and Willie van Peer (eds.), pp. 35–53 | Chapter
Zwaan, Rolf A., Carol J. Madden and Robert A. Stanfield 2001 Time in narrative comprehension: A cognitive perspectiveThe Psychology and Sociology of Literature: In honor of Elrud Ibsch, Schram, Dick and Gerard J. Steen (eds.), pp. 71–86 | Article
Zwaan, Rolf A. 1996 How Empirical is the Empirical Study of Literature?The Search for a New Alphabet: Literary studies in a changing world, Hendrix, Harald, Joost J. Kloek, Sophie Levie and Willie van Peer (eds.), pp. 321 ff. | Article