Anna Ewert

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EUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 13 (2013)

Edited by Leah Roberts, Anna Ewert, Miroslaw Pawlak and Magdalena Wrembel

[EUROSLA Yearbook, 13] 2013. viii, 250 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism


Ewert, Anna and Weronika Krzebietke 2015 Manner and path of motion in descriptions of motion trajectories by Polish L2 users of EnglishEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 15 (2015), Roberts, Leah, Kevin McManus, Norbert Vanek and Danijela Trenkic (eds.), pp. 95–113 | Article
The study offers an in-depth analysis of motion descriptions in Polish and English, i.e. a typologically related pair of languages that differ in manner salience, by Polish second language users of English. 20 bilingual Polish-English speakers were recruited among senior year students in an… read more
Ewert, Anna and Katarzyna Bromberek-Dyzman 2008 Impossible requests: L2 users' sociopragmatic and pragmalinguistic choices in L1 acts of refusalEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 8 (2008), Roberts, Leah, Florence Myles and Annabelle David (eds.), pp. 32–51 | Article
The study compares pragmalinguistic knowledge of the L1 in non-routine situations in L2 users and L2 learners, aiming to see to what extent pragmalinguistic behaviours in the L1 are influenced by exposure to the L2. The first part of the paper discusses the nature of bilingual language knowledge… read more