Serkan Uygun

List of John Benjamins publications for which Serkan Uygun plays a role.


Turkish 3rd person plural subjects normally appear with verbs that are unmarked for number. Following earlier findings which indicate that Turkish heritage speakers (HS) accept overt plural marking more readily compared to monolingually raised Turkish speakers, the present study investigates to… read more
Uygun, Serkan and Ayşe Gürel 2016 Processing morphology in L2 Turkish: The effects of morphological richness in the L1Second Language Acquisition of Turkish, Gürel, Ayşe (ed.), pp. 251–279 | Article
Cross-linguistic research suggests that the processing of multimorphemic words in a language is tuned by its morphological characteristics. This means the processing pattern of a language either as a first (L1) or a second language (L2) can be influenced by its morphological properties. In L2… read more