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Grammar from the Human Perspective: Case, space and person in Finnish

Edited by Marja-Liisa Helasvuo and Lyle Campbell

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 277] 2006. x, 280 pp.
Subjects Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Uralic languages


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This paper examines the relationship between language documentation, especially documentation of endangered languages, and historical linguistics. It address the questions, why is language documentation important to historical linguistics? and what can historical linguistics contribute to language… read more
Campbell, Lyle and Verónica Grondona 2007 Internal reconstruction in Chulupí (Nivaclé)Diachronica 24:1, pp. 1–29 | Article
This paper is about internal reconstruction and the history of Chulupí, a Matacoan language of Argentina and Paraguay. We apply internal reconstruction and postulate several sound changes in the history of Chulupí. We bring the results of this internal reconstruction to bear on external comparisons… read more
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SUMMARY The controversial Quechumaran proposal, of a distant genetic relationship between the Quechuan and Aymaran families, is an excellent case for checking techniques for dealing with hypothesized remote linguistic kinship and for testing the ability of methods to distinguish diffused from… read more
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SUMMARY In this paper similarities in tree names shared by Indo-European and Finno-Ugric (and Uralic) languages are presented which demonstrate an old historical connection between the two language families. These correspondences are due either to a genetic relationship or to language contact, or… read more
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