Wenqian Zhang

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Literary translatorship in digital contexts

Edited by Wenqian Zhang, Motoko Akashi and Peter Jonathan Freeth

Special issue of Translation in Society 3:1 (2024) v, 132 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Interpreting | Sociology | Translation Studies


Zhang, Wenqian, Motoko Akashi and Peter Jonathan Freeth 2024 Locating the digital in literary translatorshipLiterary translatorship in digital contexts, Zhang, Wenqian, Motoko Akashi and Peter Jonathan Freeth (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Review article
Thanks to the inclusion of sociological perspectives in the development of translator studies, the roles played by literary translators in the movement of texts between languages and cultures, and their positions within the fields of power that govern these processes, have become increasingly… read more
Recent attention to the human aspects of translation and translators (e.g., Pym 2009; Kaindl et al. 2021) has resulted in a possible “human turn” (Bergantino 2022, 7) in translation studies, which brings new questions and avenues for researchers working in the subdomain of translator studies.… read more