Anvita Abbi

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anvita Abbi plays a role.



Luro, an Austroasiatic language of the Mon-Khmer group is spoken in the Teressa island of the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands in the Bay of Bengal, India. Luro is a critically endangered language spoken by less than 2,000 speakers (Directorate of Census Operations 2011). The morphology of… read more
Kuteva, Tania, Bas Aarts, Gergana Popova and Anvita Abbi 2019 The grammar of ‘non-realization’Studies in Language 43:4, pp. 850–895 | Article
On the basis of cross-linguistic data from both genetically and geographically related and unrelated languages, in this article we argue that the linguistic phenomena usually referred to as the avertive, the frustrative and the apprehensional belong not to three but to five – semantically… read more
Great Andamanese has a dual semantic system for body part categorization: one that is expressed in various terms for concrete body parts and another more abstract one that is expressed in grammaticalized morphemes represented in seven body division possessive classes that classify body part terms… read more
Gupta, R.S., Anvita Abbi and Kailash S. Aggarwal 1994 National Seminar on Perspectives on the Eighth Schedule (POES)Language Problems and Language Planning 18:1, pp. 60–62 | Miscellaneous