Hanna Lappalainen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hanna Lappalainen plays a role.


Lappalainen, Hanna and Ildikó Vecsernyés 2023 Chapter 1. Comparing address practices in the Finnish and Hungarian “Got Talent” TV programmesIt's different with you: Contrastive perspectives on address research, Baumgarten, Nicole and Roel Vismans (eds.), pp. 13–34 | Chapter
This chapter compares address practices in “Got Talent” TV programmes, in which contestants present their talents in front of a jury. We aim to show how the judges address contestants and how these practices differ in episodes of Finnish and Hungarian “Got Talent”. Our study shows that T forms… read more
This chapter proposes and evaluates new data collection methods that use visual material to analyze address practices. The methods are illustrated by two experiments. The first experiment used photographs as part of Discourse Completion Tasks for exploring self-reported uses of address forms in… read more
Wide, Camilla, Hanna Lappalainen, Anu Rouhikoski, Catrin Norrby, Camilla Lindholm, Jan Lindström and Jenny Nilsson 2019 Variation in address practices across languages and nations: A comparative study of doctors’ use of address forms in medical consultations in Sweden and FinlandPragmatics 29:4, pp. 595–621 | Article
This article compares variation in the use of address practices across languages (Swedish, Finnish) and national varieties (Sweden Swedish, Finland Swedish). It undertakes quantitative and qualitative analyses of three sets of transcribed medical consultations. In Sweden Swedish, address… read more
Ainiala, Terhi and Hanna Lappalainen 2017 Chapter 6. Orienting to norms: Variability in the use of names for HelsinkiSocio-onomastics: The pragmatics of names, Ainiala, Terhi and Jan-Ola Östman (eds.), pp. 129–153 | Chapter
The study focuses on the uses of three names for the capital of Finland:Helsinki(the official and standard variant),HesaandStadi(two unofficial, non-standard variants). Primarily, the article discusses which name variants Helsinkians report that they use to refer to their home city and how they… read more