Victor Kuperman

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Polylogues on The Mental Lexicon: An exploration of fundamental issues and directions

Edited by Gary Libben, Gonia Jarema and Victor Kuperman

[Not in series, 238] 2021. viii, 229 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Morphology | Psycholinguistics | Semantics | Theoretical linguistics

New Questions for the Next Decade

Edited by Gonia Jarema, Gary Libben and Victor Kuperman

Special issue of The Mental Lexicon 11:3 (2016) v, 165 pp.
Subjects Computational & corpus linguistics | Multilingualism | Neurolinguistics | Psycholinguistics | Semantics


Coskun, Melda, Victor Kuperman and Jay Rueckl 2023 Long-lag repetition priming in natural text reading: No evidence for morphological effectsThe Mental Lexicon 18:1, pp. 1–40 | Article
Most of the empirical evidence that lays the ground for research on recognition of printed morphologically complex words comes from experimental paradigms employing morphological priming, e.g., exposure to morphologically related forms. Furthermore, most of these paradigms rely on context-less… read more
Kuperman, Victor, Gonia Jarema and Gary Libben 2021 Chapter 1. The mental lexicon as polyloguePolylogues on The Mental Lexicon: An exploration of fundamental issues and directions, Libben, Gary, Gonia Jarema and Victor Kuperman (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Chapter
Nisbet, Kelly, Michel Généreux, Blake Anderson and Victor Kuperman 2019 Clozapp: A Java application for collecting and recording Cloze probability normsThe Mental Lexicon 14:3, pp. 399–414 | Article
This paper introduces a freely available and easy to use Java application for the collection and recording of Cloze probability ratings. Clozapp presents participants with text fragments of the researchers’ choice and collects guesses regarding upcoming words. It can also collect basic… read more
Baayen, Harald, Victor Kuperman and Raymond Bertram 2010 Frequency effects in compound processingCross-Disciplinary Issues in Compounding, Scalise, Sergio and Irene Vogel (eds.), pp. 257–270 | Article
This chapter discusses the role of compound token frequency, head and modifier token frequency, and head and modifier compound family sizes (type frequencies) in the comprehension of English and Dutch compounds, using data from word naming, visual lexical decision, and eye-tracking studies. Using… read more