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Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Pragmatics


Richardson, John and Ruth Wodak 2022 Chapter 17. Anti-Sorosism: Reviving the “Jewish world conspiracy”Conspiracy Theory Discourses, Demata, Massimiliano, Virginia Zorzi and Angela Zottola (eds.), pp. 395–420 | Chapter
This chapter presents a Discourse-Historical Analysis (DHA) of the antisemitic conspiracy theory at the heart of ‘anti-Sorosism’. Anti-Sorosism is a term used to label the global campaign against George Soros, a Jewish American philanthropist of Hungarian origin, launched by extreme-right… read more
This article analyses the rhetoric of speeches delivered by British politicians at televised national HMD commemorations. Following the recommendation of the Stockholm International Forum, since 2001, Britain has commemorated victims of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides every 27 January.… read more
Anti-immigrant political arguments have long been at the centre of the campaigning of the Lega Nord (the Northern League), the Italian extreme-right secessionist party. The paper analyses posters from political campaigns between 2001 and 2008 in order to detect similarities and differences… read more
Ihnen Jory, Constanza and John Richardson 2011 On combining pragma-dialectics with critical discourse analysisKeeping in touch with Pragma-Dialectics: In honor of Frans H. van Eemeren, Feteris, Eveline T., Bart Garssen and Francisca Snoeck Henkemans (eds.), pp. 231–244 | Article
Atkin, Albert and John Richardson 2005 11. Constructing the (imagined) antagonist in advertising argumentationArgumentation in Practice, Eemeren, Frans H. van and Peter Houtlosser (eds.), pp. 163–180 | Chapter