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Noun Phrases in Creole Languages: A multi-faceted approach

Edited by Marlyse Baptista and Jacqueline Guéron

[Creole Language Library, 31] 2007. x, 494 pp.
Subjects Contact Linguistics | Creole studies | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Creole studies | Electronic/Multimedia Products | Generative linguistics | Syntax


In this chapter, I adopt Mufwene's (2001, 2008) concepts of feature pool and feature selection and competition and compare it to Darwin's theory of natural selection (Darwin 1859). Such a comparison brings to light both the descriptive and explanatory adequacy of Mufwene’s theoretical framework,… read more
Baptista, Marlyse and Emanuel Correia de Pina 2018 Negation in Cape Verdean Creole: A parametric accountNegation and Negative Concord: The view from Creoles, Déprez, Viviane and Fabiola Henri (eds.), pp. 173–190 | Chapter
This paper focuses on the behavior of Negation of the Cape Verdean Creole (CVC) variety spoken in Santiago (ST), using Longobardi’s (2014) theoretical framework. We examine simple negation, as well as the semantic and distributional properties of N-words. Following Longobardi’s framework, we offer… read more
This paper focuses on the two most distinct varieties of Cape Verdean Creole spoken on the islands of Santiago and São Vicente. These two varieties are consistently viewed as being in opposition to each other on historical, linguistic, political and cultural grounds. This paper examines the… read more
Baptista, Marlyse, Inês Brito and Saidu Bangura 2010 Cape Verdean in education: A linguistic and human rightCreoles in Education: An appraisal of current programs and projects, Migge, Bettina, Isabelle Léglise and Angela Bartens (eds.), pp. 273–296 | Article
This paper illustrates how the Cape Verdean language evolved from being oral to gaining written representation, a necessary step before integrating the educational realm. We report three sociolinguistic surveys showing the gradual shift in attitudes by native speakers towards the Cape Verdean… read more
Baptista, Marlyse 2009 Economy, innovation and degrees of complexity in creole formationComplex Processes in New Languages, Aboh, Enoch O. and Norval Smith (eds.), pp. 293–315 | Article
This paper explores the idea that in contact situations, there exists a process whereby so-called morpho-syntactic simplification is correlated to semantic complexification. In examining this process in the verbal and nominal domains, we show that a given morpheme may actually carry in Cape Verdean… read more
Baptista, Marlyse 2007 3. On the syntax and semantics of DP in Cape Verdean CreoleNoun Phrases in Creole Languages: A multi-faceted approach, Baptista, Marlyse and Jacqueline Guéron (eds.), pp. 61–105 | Chapter
In this chapter, I provide an in-depth description of the semantics and structure of the Cape Verdean noun phrase involving both determined and determinerless nouns. It shows how overt determiners and their null counterparts interact and overlap in covering the same range of meanings. Bare nouns… read more
Baptista, Marlyse 2007 17. Properties of noun phrases in creole languages: A synthetic comparative expositionNoun Phrases in Creole Languages: A multi-faceted approach, Baptista, Marlyse and Jacqueline Guéron (eds.), pp. 461–470 | Chapter
Baptista, Marlyse and Jacqueline Guéron 2007 18. Functional deficiency, ellipsis or innovation in creole languages? A postfaceNoun Phrases in Creole Languages: A multi-faceted approach, Baptista, Marlyse and Jacqueline Guéron (eds.), pp. 471–483 | Chapter
In this Postface, one of our primary objectives as editors, is to weave together into a coherent whole the insights and analyses of our contributors. We aim to show how the chapters in the volume complement each other, highlighting both similarities and differences in the patterns of the nominal… read more
Baptista, Marlyse and Jacqueline Guéron 2007 1. Noun phrases in creole languages: An introductory overviewNoun Phrases in Creole Languages: A multi-faceted approach, Baptista, Marlyse and Jacqueline Guéron (eds.), pp. 3–34 | Chapter