Ricardo Otheguy

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ricardo Otheguy plays a role.


Columbia School Linguistics in the 21st Century

Edited by Nancy Stern, Ricardo Otheguy, Wallis Reid and Jaseleen Sackler

Subjects Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Signal, Meaning, and Message: Perspectives on sign-based linguistics

Edited by Wallis Reid, Ricardo Otheguy and Nancy Stern

Subjects Cognition and language | Functional linguistics | Semiotics | Theoretical linguistics


This paper discusses the native linguistic competence of second-generation bilinguals born of immigrant, refugee, expatriate, or otherwise dislocated parents, concentrating on the grammars of second-generation Hispanics in the U.S. Scholarly opinion has gravitated toward the position that the… read more
Otheguy, Ricardo, Ana Celia Zentella and David Livert 2010 Generational differences in pronominal usage in Spanish reflecting language and dialect contact in a bilingual settingLanguage Contact: New perspectives, Norde, Muriel, Bob de Jonge and Cornelius Hasselblatt (eds.), pp. 45–62 | Article
The alternation between presence and absence of subject personal pronouns in Spanish is studied in the bilingual setting of New York City with data extracted from the Otheguy-Zentella corpus. The speech of newcomers to NYC shows that the Caribbean and the Latin American Mainland resemble each other… read more
Otheguy, Ricardo and Ana Celia Zentella 2007 15. Apuntes preliminares sobre el contacto lingüístico y dialectal en el uso pronominal del español en Nueva YorkSpanish in Contact: Policy, Social and Linguistic Inquiries, Potowski, Kim and Richard Cameron (eds.), pp. 275–295 | Article
This paper investigates the alternation of null and pronominal subjects across six dialects and various generations of Spanish speakers in New York City. Although past research of this variable has found virtually no social conditioning, a close analysis revealed a pattern of social influence… read more
Shin, Naomi and Ricardo Otheguy 2005 Overt nonspecific Ellos in Spanish in New YorkSpanish in Context 2:2, pp. 157–174 | Article
In general Spanish, references to nonspecific third-person plurals are usually made by means of a verb occurring with the null form of the subject pronoun, as in llamaron del banco, rather than by means of a verb occurring with the overt form of the subject pronoun. In contrast to the position in… read more
Otheguy, Ricardo, Betsy Rodríguez-Bachiller and Eulalia Canals 2004 Length of the extra-information phrase as a predictor of word order: A cross-language comparisonCognitive and Communicative Approaches to Linguistic Analysis, Contini-Morava, Ellen, Robert S. Kirsner and Betsy Rodríguez-Bachiller (eds.), pp. 325–340 | Article
Otheguy, Ricardo 2002 Saussurean Anti-Nomenclaturism in Grammatical Analysis: A Comparative Theoretical PerspectiveSignal, Meaning, and Message: Perspectives on sign-based linguistics, Reid, Wallis, Ricardo Otheguy and Nancy Stern (eds.), pp. 373–403 | Article
Otheguy, Ricardo and Nancy Stern 2000 The Acategorial Lexicon and the Pairing Strategies: A Critical Account of Inherent Gender in SpanishBetween Grammar and Lexicon, Contini-Morava, Ellen and Yishai Tobin (eds.), pp. 123 ff. | Article