Joan Peskin

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A Life with Poetry: The development of poetic literacy

Joan Peskin and David I. Hanauer

[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 41] 2023. x, 194 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Theoretical linguistics | Theoretical literature & literary studies | Writing and literacy


Bischoff, Theanna and Joan Peskin 2014 Do fiction writers have superior perspective taking ability?Scientific Study of Literature 4:2, pp. 125–149 | Article
In investigating the relationship between fiction writing and perspective taking, beliefs about the ability of fiction writers to correctly infer the mental states of others were assessed via survey, in comparison to other professions. Next, two groups of fiction writers (established and… read more
Peskin, Joan and David R. Olson 2004 On reading poetry: Expert and novice knowledgeLanguage Development across Childhood and Adolescence, Berman, Ruth A. (ed.), pp. 211–232 | Chapter