Pedro A. Fuertes Olivera

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European accounting terminology is dynamic as term creation occurs on national, European Union and international levels. English is the lingua franca of accounting, which influences terminologies in other languages, usually through the work of translators, e.g. the translation of existing… read more
European accounting terminology is dynamic as term creation and formation occurs on national, European Union and international levels. Although English is the lingua franca of accounting, international accounting standards in English exist on a par with their translations into other languages.… read more
This article attempts to give a critical review of Javier Herrero Ruiz’s Understanding Tropes. At a Crossroads between Pragmatics and Cognition. It evaluates the book in view of the available literature dealing with the trend towards empiricism adopted by Cognitive Linguistics. It also focuses on… read more
Velasco-Sacristán, Marisol and Pedro A. Fuertes Olivera 2006 Olfactory and olfactory-mixed metaphors in print ads of perfumeAnnual Review of Cognitive Linguistics: Volume 4, Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Francisco José (ed.), pp. 217–252 | Article
This paper claims that scents, alone and/or in combination with visual and/or verbal support, are made to function metaphorically in ads since they symbolize something different (i.e., sexuality, romanticism, etc.) from the physical odor directly conveyed by each fragrance (i.e., floral, woody,… read more
Fuertes Olivera, Pedro A., Silvia Montero Martínez and Mercedes Garcia de Quesada 2005 Modelos culturales y discursivos en la traducción de textos de comercio internacional: Problemas y solucionesBabel 51:4, pp. 357–379 | Article
Resumen La traducción de las Convenciones y las Leyes Modelo, documentos prototípicos emitidos por las Naciones Unidas en relación con la legislación reguladora del Comercio Internacional, constituye un caso de documentos iguales. Éstos muestran una gran dependencia entre el texto en lengua origen… read more
Fuertes Olivera, Pedro A. and Isabel Pizarro Sánchez 2002 Translation and ‘similarity-creating metaphors’ in specialised languagesTarget 14:1, pp. 43–73 | Article
This corpus-based research deals with the translation of metaphor in specialised texts. In these texts, metaphor is both a cognitive tool and aesthetic device. Some metaphors, particularly those which create a new similarity, seem to develop into technical terms, and this can cause translation… read more
Garcia de Quesada, Mercedes, Pedro A. Fuertes Olivera y Silvia Montero Martínez 2002 Propuesta de estructura definicional terminográfica en OntoTerm®Terminology 8:1, pp. 57–90 | Article
This article describes a framework for definitional analysis that presents definitions as dynamic entities encompassing both conceptual relations, following a category template pattern, and its formalization in the terminological definitional structure. The definitional analysis accounts for… read more
Montero Martínez, Silvia, Mercedes Garcia de Quesada and Pedro A. Fuertes Olivera 2002 Terminological phrasemes in OntoTerm®: A new theoretical and practical approachTerminology 8:2, pp. 177–206 | Article
In this article we describe a theoretical and practical approach to the analysis of phraseological units, specifically terminological phrasemes (Meyer and Mackintosh 1994, 1996), as entities determined by predicate relations, leaving aside, therefore, the traditional view of collocations and… read more
Corpus linguistics is being used for a wide range of research tasks. A database on English lexicology was compiled on the basis of the semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic information found in the stylistically marked lexical items of the COBUILD 1987. It offers linguistic information on 7981 units… read more