Peter Koch †

List of John Benjamins publications for which Peter Koch † plays a role.


Koch, Peter † 2014 Between word formation and meaning changeMorphology and Meaning: Selected papers from the 15th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, February 2012, Rainer, Franz, Francesco Gardani, Hans Christian Luschützky and Wolfgang U. Dressler (eds.), pp. 71–96 | Article
In diachronic lexicology, word formation (henceforth: WF) is generally treated as one of three strictly distinct types of processes of lexical innovation, the two others being meaning change (MCh) and borrowing. A unitary theoretical framework based on Construction Grammer and integrating different… read more
Using the methodology of diachronic cognitive onomasiology, as developed in two projects at Tübingen University, the study discusses polygenetic semantic parallels in semantic change, focussing on those that are due to fundamental cognitive constants. The cognitive and formal relations between a… read more
‘Morphological’ and ‘semantic’ motivation are not just two types (Ullmann 1966), but two interrelated dimensions of the problem of lexical motivation. For instance, Fr. poire ‘pear’ — poirier ‘pear-tree’ expresses the same cognitive relation as the polysemy of Russ. gruša, and, at the same time,… read more
Koch, Peter † 2001 Metonymy: Unity in diversityJournal of Historical Pragmatics 2:2, pp. 201–244 | Article
The range of phenomena labelled as “metonymy” is so multifarious that it may seem impossible to reduce all these phenomena to a common semantic denominator. In accordance with many traditional and modern accounts in the fields of rhetoric and linguistics, this article reconstructs metonymy as a… read more
Koch, Peter † 1999 Court Records and Cartoons: Reflections of Spontaneous Dialogue in Early Romance TextsHistorical Dialogue Analysis, Jucker, Andreas H., Gerd Fritz and Franz Lebsanft (eds.), pp. 399 ff. | Article
Koch, Peter † 1999 frame and Cognity: On the Cognitive Bases of Metonymy and Certain Types of Word FormationMetonymy in Language and Thought, Panther, Klaus-Uwe and Günter Radden (eds.), pp. 139 ff. | Article
Koch, Peter † 1997 9. Orality in Literate CulturesWriting Development: An interdisciplinary view, Pontecorvo, Clotilde (ed.), pp. 149 ff. | Chapter