Michela Cennamo

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Contrastive Studies in Verbal Valency

Edited by Lars Hellan, Andrej L. Malchukov and Michela Cennamo

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 237] 2017. vii, 476 pp.
Subjects Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Argument Structure in Flux: The Naples-Capri Papers

Edited by Elly van Gelderen, Jóhanna Barðdal and Michela Cennamo

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 131] 2013. viii, 578 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Cennamo, Michela, Francesco Maria Ciconte and Luigi Andriani 2023 Syntactic and semantic constraints on differential object marking in Old SardinianDifferential Object Marking in Romance: Towards microvariation, Irimia, Monica Alexandrina and Alexandru Mardale (eds.), pp. 105–134 | Chapter
This paper explores the differential marking of (human) objects (DOM) in a corpus of old Sardinian texts from two different areas, Logudoro and Arborea. We investigate the constraints on the marking of objects, whether semantic, reflecting the Individuation Hierarchy (Silverstein, 1976, p. 122),… read more
This article discusses some aspects of the reorganization of voice distinctions in the transition from Latin to Romance, namely the grammaticalization of activity (do / make) and change of state (become) verbs as markers of the passive voice, and the reanalysis of the reflexive morpheme se as a… read more
Cennamo, Michela 2019 Aspects of grammaticalization and reanalysis in the voice domain in the transition from Latin to early Italo-RomancePerspectives on Language Structure and Language Change: Studies in honor of Henning Andersen, Heltoft, Lars, Iván Igartua, Brian D. Joseph, Kirsten Jeppesen Kragh and Lene Schøsler (eds.), pp. 205–231 | Chapter
This article discusses some aspects of the grammaticalization and reanalysis of lexical verbs as passive auxiliaries and light verbs in the passage from Latin to (Italo-)Romance, focussing on (i) the diachronic relationship between auxiliarization and light verbs, (ii) the direction of the changes… read more
Cennamo, Michela and Claudia Fabrizio 2019 IntroductionHistorical Linguistics 2015: Selected papers from the 22nd International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Naples, 27-31 July 2015, Cennamo, Michela and Claudia Fabrizio (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Chapter
Cennamo, Michela 2017 Object omission and the semantics of predicates in Italian in a comparative perspectiveContrastive Studies in Verbal Valency, Hellan, Lars, Andrej L. Malchukov and Michela Cennamo (eds.), pp. 251–273 | Chapter
This paper discusses the semantics of O(bject) omission with divalent verbs in Italian, in relation to (i) the interplay of the inherent and structural aspects of verb meaning with the degree of thematic specification of the subject (i.e., agentivity/control); (ii) the inherent… read more
Hellan, Lars, Andrej L. Malchukov and Michela Cennamo 2017 Introduction. Issues in contrastive valency studiesContrastive Studies in Verbal Valency, Hellan, Lars, Andrej L. Malchukov and Michela Cennamo (eds.), pp. 1–24 | Chapter
Barðdal, Jóhanna and Michela Cennamo 2013 Argument structure in fluxArgument Structure in Flux: The Naples-Capri Papers, Gelderen, Elly van, Jóhanna Barðdal and Michela Cennamo (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Article
Cennamo, Michela 2011 Impersonal constructions and accusative subjects in Late LatinImpersonal Constructions: A cross-linguistic perspective, Malchukov, Andrej L. and Anna Siewierska (eds.), pp. 167–188 | Article
This paper explores the role played by impersonal constructions in the rise of active coding systems, with evidence from Late Latin. It is argued that the spread of accusative arguments from impersonal to personal structures (initially unaccusative, subsequently unergative and transitive) might… read more
Cennamo, Michela 2009 Argument structure and alignment variations and changes in Late LatinThe Role of Semantic, Pragmatic, and Discourse Factors in the Development of Case, Barðdal, Jóhanna and Shobhana L. Chelliah (eds.), pp. 307–346 | Article
This paper explores the diachronic relationship between the active/neutral realignment of grammatical relations taking place in Late Latin, manifested by accusative subjects, and the temporary loss of the grammatical dimension of voice. These two clusters of changes can be shown to reflect the rise… read more
Cennamo, Michela 2008 The rise and development of analytic perfects in Italo-RomanceGrammatical Change and Linguistic Theory: The Rosendal papers, Eythórsson, Thórhallur (ed.), pp. 115–142 | Article
Cennamo, Michela 2006 The rise and grammaticalization paths of Latin fieri and facere as passive auxiliariesPassivization and Typology: Form and function, Abraham, Werner and Larisa Leisiö (eds.), pp. 311–336 | Article
This paper discusses the various stages of the change leading to the emergence of the Latin verbs fieri ‘to become, to be done/made’ and facere ‘to do, to make’ as imperfective and perfective passive markers, respectively, between Late Latin and early (Italo)-Romance. It is argued that the… read more