Margaret H. Freeman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Margaret H. Freeman plays a role.


Freeman, Margaret H. 2017 Toward a theory of poetic iconicity: The ontology of semblanceDimensions of Iconicity, Zirker, Angelika, Matthias Bauer, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 99–118 | Chapter
Studies of iconicity in poetry have tended to focus on its linguistic manifestations. In contrast, I ask what is iconicity’s role in poetry? By exploring the ways iconicity is understood in semiotics, linguistics, religion, and popular discourse, and how poetry constitutes the subliminal… read more
Freeman, Margaret H. 2009 Review of Tsur (2008): Toward a Theory of Cognitive PoeticsPragmatics & Cognition 17:2, pp. 450–457 | Review
Freeman, Margaret H. 2002 The body in the word: A cognitive approach to the shape of a poetic textCognitive Stylistics: Language and cognition in text analysis, Semino, Elena and Jonathan Culpeper (eds.), pp. 23–47 | Chapter