Jasone Cenoz

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Subjects Applied linguistics

EUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 5 (2005)

Edited by Susan H. Foster-Cohen, María del Pilar García Mayo and Jasone Cenoz

[EUROSLA Yearbook, 5] 2005. iv, 281 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism

Trends in Bilingual Acquisition

Edited by Jasone Cenoz and Fred Genesee

[Trends in Language Acquisition Research, 1] 2001. viii, 288 pp.
Subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism


Gorter, Durk and Jasone Cenoz 2020 Theoretical development of linguistic landscape studiesLinguistic Landscape 6:1, pp. 16–22 | Commentary
In this article we analyze teachers’ beliefs about learning different languages in multilingual education, which include forms of immersion in the minority and the majority languages. In this study interviews were held with 51 primary school teachers from the Basque Country (Spain), and Friesland… read more
Gorter, Durk and Jasone Cenoz 2015 Translanguaging and linguistic landscapesLinguistic Landscape 1:1/2, pp. 54–74 | Article
In this article we discuss the concept of translanguaging in relation to a holistic view of linguistic landscapes that goes beyond the analysis of individual signs. On the one hand, we look at instances of multilingual signage as a combination of linguistic resources. On the other hand, at the… read more
Cenoz, Jasone 2011 The increasing role of English in Basque educationEnglish in Europe Today: Sociocultural and educational perspectives, De Houwer, Annick and Antje Wilton (eds.), pp. 15–30 | Article
This paper focuses on the increasing role of English in the educational system of the Basque Autonomous Community in Spain. The position of English in the curriculum has become stronger in the last years and schools include multilingualism as one of their aims. This chapter discusses two main… read more
Cenoz, Jasone and Ulrike Jessner 2009 7. The study of multilingualism in educational contextsThe Exploration of Multilingualism: Development of research on L3, multilingualism and multiple language acquisition, Aronin, Larissa and Britta Hufeisen (eds.), pp. 121–138 | Chapter
In this article multilingual education is discussed in connection and comparison with bilingual education. An overview of the various forms of multilingual education and teaching is presented, focusing on the socio- and psycholinguistic aspects of multilingual learning. The question of the ideal… read more
This paper focuses on the use of Basque as the language of instruction. In the first part of the article the situation of Basque in the Basque Country is briefly described and the different possibilities regarding the language(s) of instruction are explained: model A with Spanish as the language of… read more
Cenoz, Jasone and Durk Gorter 2008 Applied Linguistics and the use of minority languages in educationMultilingualism and Minority Languages: Achievements and challenges in education, Cenoz, Jasone and Durk Gorter (eds.), pp. 5–12 | Article
Gallardo-del-Puerto, Francisco, María Luisa García Lecumberri and Jasone Cenoz 2006 Age and native language influence on the perception of English vowelsEnglish with a Latin Beat: Studies in Portuguese/Spanish–English Interphonology, Baptista, Barbara O. and Michael Alan Watkins (eds.), pp. 57–69 | Article
This paper examines, within the framework of Flege’s speech learning model (SLM), the relevance of two factors – age and native language – for the acquisition align of vowel perception abilities by young Spanish learners of English in a formal instructional environment. Findings indicate that age… read more
This article is based on the results of a project that analyses the linguistic development of English as a third language at different ages in a bilingual program. Specifically, it examines the influence of the age of introduction of English as a foreign language on general proficiency.… read more
Genesee, Fred and Jasone Cenoz 2001 First wordsTrends in Bilingual Acquisition, Cenoz, Jasone and Fred Genesee (eds.), pp. 1–9 | Article
This article focuses on the study of pauses in second language production by analysing the frequency of silent and filled pauses and their functions. It also examines the combination of pauses and other hesitation phenomena in second language production and it explores the relationship between… read more