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Humor in Interaction

Edited by Neal R. Norrick and Delia Chiaro

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 182] 2009. xvii, 238 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology

Between Text and Image: Updating research in screen translation

Edited by Delia Chiaro, Christine Heiss and Chiara Bucaria

[Benjamins Translation Library, 78] 2008. x, 292 pp.
Subjects Translation Studies


Food has been a traditional source of humour since the beginning of time but nowadays it would appear that the way we joke about food has changed as comedians have begun to target food fads and dietary choices in new online formats such as YouTube videos and memes. In this chapter, I explore… read more
Chiaro, Delia 2019 Chapter 8. To Europe with love: Woody Allen’s liquid societyReassessing Dubbing: Historical approaches and current trends, Ranzato, Irene and Serenella Zanotti (eds.), pp. 169–187 | Chapter
Between 2008 and 2012, Woody Allen directed three films that have come to be known as his “European trilogy”, namely Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), Midnight in Paris (2011) and To Rome with Love (2012). Each storyline involves the temporary relocation of one or more north-American protagonists to… read more
Chiaro, Delia 2013 Passionate about food: Jamie and Nigella and the performance of food-talkCulinary Linguistics: The chef's special, Gerhardt, Cornelia, Maximiliane Frobenius and Susanne Ley (eds.), pp. 83–102 | Article
Despite the nation’s poor reputation in terms of cuisine, cookery shows abound on UK television with Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson being two of TV’s most popular chefs. Following a brief overview of popular cookery programs broadcast in the UK over the past fifty years, this essay will focus on… read more
Academic writings on humour and translation have principally pivoted around the pragma-linguistic aspects of transfer from source to target language/s (e.g. Chiaro; Delabastita; Vandaele). However, rather than exploring the choices, strategies and devices involved in interlingual translation, the… read more
Chiaro, Delia 2009 Cultural divide or unifying factor? Humorous talk in the interaction of bilingual, cross-cultural couplesHumor in Interaction, Norrick, Neal R. and Delia Chiaro (eds.), pp. 211–232 | Article
This essay sets out to explore a positive aspect of bilingual cross-cultural couples in long term relationships, namely the occurrence of what is considered a harmonious factor: humour. The results of a purpose-built questionnaire completed by 59 couples sheds light on a series of socio and… read more
Norrick, Neal R. and Delia Chiaro 2009 Introduction: Humor and interactionHumor in Interaction, Norrick, Neal R. and Delia Chiaro (eds.), pp. ix–xvii | Article
Chiaro, Delia 2008 Issues of quality in screen translation: Problems and solutionsBetween Text and Image: Updating research in screen translation, Chiaro, Delia, Christine Heiss and Chiara Bucaria (eds.), pp. 241–256 | Article
Scholarly debate in screen translation (ST) regarding quality issues often hinges on the complexity of specifying quality standards for such a heterogeneous market in terms of typology of translation (i.e. dubbing, subtitling, voice-over etc.) and the wide range of credence attributes which might… read more
Despite the widespread emergence of translations and diverse types of language mediation in contemporary society, our knowledge of the processes and operators involved in the "translation industry" is still very sketchy. With most translation scholars working within the liberal arts paradigm,… read more
A small-scale investigation was carried out to explore how Italian audiences perceive Verbally Expressed Humour (VEH) when it is translated for the screen and how far translation might have an impact on individual Humour Responses (HR); i.e. the physiological responses to humorous stimuli in terms… read more