Lena Wimmer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lena Wimmer plays a role.


Wimmer, Lena, Gregory Currie, Stacie Friend and Heather J. Ferguson 2021 The effects of reading narrative fiction on social and moral cognition: Two experiments following a multi-method approachScientific Study of Literature 11:2, pp. 223–265 | Article
We present two experiments examining the effects of reading narrative fiction (vs. narrative non-fiction vs. expository non-fiction) on social and moral cognition, using a battery of self-report, explicit and implicit indicators. Experiment 1 (N = 340) implemented a pre-registered, randomized… read more
Wimmer, Lena, Ursula Christmann and Elisabeth Ihmels 2016 Non-conventional figurative language as aesthetics of everyday communicationMetaphor and the Social World 6:2, pp. 243–275 | Article
This study focuses on the emotional aesthetic appreciation of figurative language, a dimension which has often been neglected in experimental psycholinguistics. Our goal was to demonstrate that non-conventional figurative utterances are evaluated as more aesthetically pleasing although they are… read more
This study focuses on the relationship between cognitive effort and aesthetic-emotional evaluation in the processing of conventional and non-conventional metaphors. We postulate that an increased cognitive load — which is normally perceived as stressful — is evaluated positively when processing… read more