Steven L. Franks

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Minimalism and Beyond: Radicalizing the interfaces

Edited by Peter Kosta, Steven L. Franks, Teodora Radeva-Bork and Lilia Schürcks

[Language Faculty and Beyond, 11] 2014. vi, 423 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Franks, Steven L. 2016 Clitics are/become Minimal(ist)Formal Studies in Slovenian Syntax: In honor of Janez Orešnik, Marušič, Franc Lanko and Rok Žaucer (eds.), pp. 91–128 | Article
This paper considers the general question of what properties distinguish clitics from other sorts of words. Focusing on South Slavic and in particular Slovenian data, it is argued that canonically clitics are minimal vocabulary items with respect to sound, meaning, and syntax: they lack (i)… read more
Franks, Steven L. 2014 The overgeneration problem and the case of semipredicatives in RussianAdvances in the Syntax of DPs: Structure, agreement, and case, Bondaruk, Anna, Gréte Dalmi and Alexander Grosu (eds.), pp. 13–60 | Article
Unlike ordinary adjectives, Russian sam ‘alone’ and odin ‘one’ (“semipredicatives”) are in the dative in infinitival non-obligatory control contexts but in obligatory control structures they must agree in case with their antecedents. This paper starts from the puzzle of avoiding… read more
Franks, Steven L. 2014 Multiattachment syntax, “Movement” effects, and Spell-OutMinimalism and Beyond: Radicalizing the interfaces, Kosta, Peter, Steven L. Franks, Teodora Radeva-Bork and Lilia Schürcks (eds.), pp. 195–235 | Article
This paper addresses a set of puzzles associated with Spell-Out. Of primary concern is the pronunciation and interpretation of hypothetical intermediate copies of moved constituents. I show that LF wh-movement never exhibits any intermediate effects and argue that intermediate effects are best… read more
Franks, Steven L. 2013 Binding and Morphology RevisitedCurrent Studies in Slavic Linguistics, Kor Chahine, Irina (ed.), pp. 25–42 | Article
One of the earliest and most compelling observations to emerge in response to Chomsky’s binding theory was the suspicious cross-linguistic correlation between the morphological structure of anaphors and their interpretive potential. Specifically, morphologically simplex anaphors (e.g. Russian… read more
Franks, Steven L. 2000 Clitics at the Interface: An Introduction to Clitic Phenomena in European LanguagesClitic Phenomena in European Languages, Beukema, Frits and Marcel den Dikken (eds.), pp. 1 ff. | Article
Reindl, Donald and Steven L. Franks 2000 Clitics in the Srpske narodne pjesmeClitics in Phonology, Morphology and Syntax, Gerlach, Birgit and Janet Grijzenhout (eds.), pp. 325–354 | Article
This paper examines the ways in which the realization of clitics in the Srpske narodne pjesme (“Serbian Folk Songs”) can depend on metrical considerations, and places these dependencies within a model of grammar that can provide appropriate mechanisms to express them. It is demonstrated that both… read more