Maura Velázquez-Castillo

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Subjects Functional linguistics | Languages of South America | Semantics


Velázquez-Castillo, Maura and Mary Hudgens Henderson 2013 Quiero para mi novio: Aspectual uses of para in Paraguayan SpanishJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 28:1, pp. 65–102 | Article
There is an extensive bibliography on the meanings of the Spanish preposition para but very little has been done to address the different traits that this form acquires in contact varieties of Spanish. Paraguayan Spanish exhibits a high incidence of an innovative use of the preposition para that… read more
An active system is frequently analyzed as the most semantically transparent case-marking system, where the agent-patient opposition underlies case marking and/or cross-referencing patterns. It has also been claimed that transitivity and its prototypical manifestation of subject-object opposition… read more
Velázquez-Castillo, Maura 2002 Guaraní causative constructionsThe Grammar of Causation and Interpersonal Manipulation, Shibatani, Masayoshi (ed.), pp. 507–534 | Article
Velázquez-Castillo, Maura 1999 Body-Part EP Constructions: A Cognitive/Functional AnalysisExternal Possession, Payne, Doris L. and Immanuel Barshi (eds.), pp. 77 ff. | Article
Velázquez-Castillo, Maura 1995 Noun incorporation and object placement in discourse: the case of GuaraníWord Order in Discourse, Downing, Pamela A. and Michael Noonan (eds.), pp. 555–579 | Article