María Jesús Fernández Leborans

List of John Benjamins publications for which María Jesús Fernández Leborans plays a role.


Fernández Leborans, María Jesús and Cristina Sánchez López 2015 Sentences as predicates: the Spanish construction ser <muy de + infinitive>New Perspectives on the Study of Ser and Estar, Pérez-Jiménez, Isabel, Manuel Leonetti and Silvia Gumiel-Molina (eds.), pp. 85–116 | Article
The construction <muy de + infinitive> is interpreted as a gradable individuallevel predicate (IL-predicate), compatible with the copula ser but not with the copula estar. This supports the idea that the ser and estar distinction is a particular manifestation of Carlson’s (1977) distinction between… read more
Fernández Leborans, María Jesús and Cristina Sánchez López 2015 On events that express propertiesVerb Classes and Aspect, Barrajón López, Elisa, José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia and Susana Rodríguez Rosique (eds.), pp. 238–263 | Article
This paper provides empirical support to the hypothesis that habitual readings and dispositional/capacitative readings are different kinds of generic statements, generated by different operators: an aspectual operator HABASP is responsible for the habitual reading and a like modal dispositional… read more