Gabriella Rundblad

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gabriella Rundblad plays a role.


Cross language priming in the visual modality is a well-established paradigm that offers insights into the representation of the bilingual mental lexicon; however, here we employ a novel form of priming, (i.e., an animacy decision task), to test previous outcomes. In addition, this study is the… read more
The role of passive voice as a device used in medical and scientific discourse to mystify the author is clearly articulated and well-known. Through analysis of the Methods section of nine medical research articles, this paper shows that metonymy is another frequently used impersonalisation strategy… read more
Rundblad, Gabriella and David B. Kronenfeld 2000 Folk-Etymology: Haphazard Perversion or Shrewd Analogy?Lexicology, Semantics and Lexicography: Selected papers from the Fourth G. L. Brook Symposium, Manchester, August 1998, Coleman, Julie and Christian Kay (eds.), pp. 19 ff. | Article