Keiko Murasugi

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Over the past two decades, the casual register of Japanese has developed a new class of binomial adjectives, such as fuwa-toro ‘fluffy and creamy’ and gū-kawa ‘overwhelmingly cute’. These terms are particularly common in creative, nuanced descriptions of food, fashion, and personality. This… read more
Murasugi, Keiko 2019 Chapter 10. The structure of mimetic verbs in child and adult JapaneseIdeophones, Mimetics and Expressives, Akita, Kimi and Prashant Pardeshi (eds.), pp. 251–264 | Chapter
Sugisaki, Koji and Keiko Murasugi 2017 Chapter 7. Scrambling and locality constraints in child JapaneseStudies in Chinese and Japanese Language Acquisition: In honor of Stephen Crain, Nakayama, Mineharu, Yi-ching Su and Aijun Huang (eds.), pp. 147–164 | Chapter
Scrambling has been one of the central issues in the theoretical studies of Japanese syntax. Yet, there is still limited research that investigates children’s knowledge of this movement phenomenon, and further research is needed to obtain a deeper understanding of when and how children acquire… read more
Murasugi, Keiko 2000 An Antisymmetry Analysis of Japanese Relative ClausesThe Syntax of Relative Clauses, Alexiadou, Artemis, Paul Law, André Meinunger and Chris Wilder (eds.), pp. 231 ff. | Article