Jonathan Charteris-Black

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jonathan Charteris-Black plays a role.



Charteris-Black, Jonathan 2017 ConclusionMetaphor in Religion and Spirituality, Pihlaja, Stephen (ed.), pp. 122–129 | Conclusion
Charteris-Black, Jonathan 2016 Chapter 8. The ‘dull roar’ and the ‘burning barbed wire pantyhose’: Complex metaphor in accounts of chronic painMixing Metaphor, Gibbs, Jr., Raymond W. (ed.), pp. 155–176 | Article
This chapter examines metaphors in a corpus of interviews with people experiencing chronic pain. An important communicative purpose for people experiencing chronic pain is to get others to acknowledge its reality and I suggest that the mixing of metaphors contributes to the communication of pain.… read more
Charteris-Black, Jonathan 2012 Forensic deliberations on ‘purposeful metaphor’Metaphor and the Social World 2:1, pp. 1–21 | Article
The concept of ‘purposeful metaphor’ is proposed as an alternative to ‘deliberate metaphor’ (Steen, 2008) in providing a theory of metaphor in discourse and communication. The case for ‘purposeful metaphor’ is framed within a discussion of intentionality in a murder trial. It is argued that… read more
Charteris-Black, Jonathan 2003 A contrastive cognitive perspective on Malay and English figurative languageMeaning Through Language Contrast: Volume 2, Jaszczolt, Katarzyna M. and Ken Turner (eds.), pp. 141–157 | Article
Charteris-Black, Jonathan 2000 Figuration, lexis and cultural resonance: A corpus based study of MalayPragmatics 10:3, pp. 281–300 | Article
This paper is a corpus based study of the cultural meaning of figuration in the Malay lexicon. Initially, polysemy is examined for evidence of figurative conceptualisation at the single word level for two body part terms, mata ‘the eye’ and kaki ‘the foot /leg’. Compound forms are then examined to… read more