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Computational terminology and filtering of terminological information

Edited by Patrick Drouin, Natalia Grabar, Thierry Hamon, Kyo Kageura and Koichi Takeuchi

Special issue of Terminology 24:1 (2018) v, 147 pp.
Subjects Lexicography | Terminology | Translation Studies

Terminology across Languages and Domains

Edited by Patrick Drouin, Natalia Grabar, Thierry Hamon and Kyo Kageura

Special issue of Terminology 21:2 (2015) v, 153 pp.
Subjects Lexicography | Terminology

Recent Trends in Computational Terminology

Edited by Béatrice Daille, Kyo Kageura, Hiroshi Nakagawa and Lee-Feng Chien

Special issue of Terminology 10:1 (2004) vi, 182 pp.
Subjects Lexicography | Terminology
Subjects Lexicography | Natural language processing | Semantics | Terminology

Japanese Term Extraction

Kyo Kageura and Teruo Koyama

Special issue of Terminology 6:2 (2000) 
Subjects Japanese linguistics | Terminology


Kageura, Kyo 2022 Chapter 21. Terminological growthTheoretical Perspectives on Terminology: Explaining terms, concepts and specialized knowledge, Faber, Pamela and Marie-Claude L'Homme (eds.), pp. 457–476 | Chapter
The generation of new terms involves various factors at different levels and can be described and modelled from different points of view. This chapter analyses approaches that model terminological growth by describing the creation of new terms in relation to the terminology of a domain as a set… read more
Drouin, Patrick, Natalia Grabar, Thierry Hamon, Kyo Kageura and Koichi Takeuchi 2018 Computational terminology and filtering of terminological information: Introduction to the special issueComputational terminology and filtering of terminological information, Drouin, Patrick, Natalia Grabar, Thierry Hamon, Kyo Kageura and Koichi Takeuchi (eds.), pp. 1–6 | Introduction
This article examines the status of constructed controlled terminologies from the perspective of the coverage of terms/concepts. To facilitate controlled authoring of Japanese texts of the municipal domain and promote machine translatability into English, we constructed terminologies in the… read more
Drouin, Patrick, Natalia Grabar, Thierry Hamon and Kyo Kageura 2015 Introduction to the Special Issue: Terminology across languages and domainsTerminology across Languages and Domains, Drouin, Patrick, Natalia Grabar, Thierry Hamon and Kyo Kageura (eds.), pp. 139–150 | Article
Kageura, Kyo 2015 Terminology and lexicographyHandbook of Terminology: Volume 1, Kockaert, Hendrik J. and Frieda Steurs (eds.), pp. 45–59 | Article
The word “terminology” has three meanings: (1) the set of practices and methods used for the collection, description and presentation of terms; (2) the set of premises, arguments and conclusions required for explaining the relationships between concepts and terms (in other words, the theory of… read more
Borrowed morphemes play an important role in Japanese terminologies. Though several investigations have dealt with the status of borrowed morphemes in Japanese terminologies, the status of borrowed morphemes within the structure of terminologies has not been fully addressed so far. In order to… read more
Bey, Youcef, Christian Boitet and Kyo Kageura 2008 9. BEYTrans: A Wiki-based environment for helping online volunteer translatorsTopics in Language Resources for Translation and Localisation, Yuste Rodrigo, Elia (ed.), pp. 135–150 | Article
The aim of our research is to design and develop a new online collaborative translation environment suitable for the way online volunteer translators work. In this chapter, we discuss how to exploit collaborative Wiki-based technology for the design of the online collaborative computer-aided… read more
Kageura, Kyo and Marie-Claude L'Homme 2008 Reflecting on fifteen years of research and development in terminologyTerminology 14:2, pp. 153–157 | Article
Kageura, Kyo, Béatrice Daille, Hiroshi Nakagawa and Lee-Feng Chien 2004 Introduction: Recent trends in computational terminologyRecent Trends in Computational Terminology, Daille, Béatrice, Kyo Kageura, Hiroshi Nakagawa and Lee-Feng Chien (eds.), pp. 1–21 | Article
Aizawa, Akiko and Kyo Kageura 2001 A graph-based approach to the automatic generation of multilingual keyword clustersRecent Advances in Computational Terminology, Bourigault, Didier, Christian Jacquemin and Marie-Claude L'Homme (eds.), pp. 1–27 | Chapter
In this paper, we report an effective graph-theoretic method for generating Japanese and English bilingual keyword clusters using the keyword lists assigned to academic papers by the authors where each of the generated clusters contains keywords with similar meanings from both languages. The… read more
Tsuji, Keita and Kyo Kageura 2001 Extracting morpheme pairs from bilingual terminological corporaTerminology 7:1, pp. 101–114 | Article
An HMM-based method for extracting bilingual morpheme pairs from domain-specific bilingual term lists is reported in this paper. In recent years, many bilingual term lists have become available in electronic form. If the bilingual morpheme pairs in the lists are automatically identified, they can… read more
Kageura, Kyo and Teruo Koyama 2000 Preface to Terminology 6:2: Towards further developments of automatic term recognitionJapanese Term Extraction, Kageura, Kyo and Teruo Koyama, pp. v–vii | Miscellaneous
Kageura, Kyo, Masaharu Yoshioka, Koichi Takeuchi, Teruo Koyama, Keita Tsuji and Fuyuki Yoshikane 2000 Recent advances in automatic term recognition: Experiences from the NTCIR workshop on information retrieval and term recognitionJapanese Term Extraction, Kageura, Kyo and Teruo Koyama, pp. 151–173 | Article
This article provides basic background information on the articles included in this special issue on Japanese term extraction, by (i) clarifying the basic background of research into automatic term recognition, (ii) explaining briefly the ‘contest’-style workshop we organised in 1999, and (iii)… read more
Traditional "theory " of terminology, as far as I understand it, has two shortcomings. The first, which is now pointed out by many researchers, is that the way in which the study of terms is viewed is too restricted, and the descriptive means such as "concepts" are not rich enough. This becomes… read more
Tsuji, Keita and Kyo Kageura 1998 An analysis of medical synonyms: The word-structure of preferred termsTerminology 5:2, pp. 229–249 | Article
This paper attempts to clarify the types of terms which are likely to be preferred among synonyms. We regard the term referred to by the other synonyms in a dictionary as the dominant term among synonyms. More than 2,000 pairs of Japanese synonymous terms for diseases are extracted from a standard… read more
A preliminary investigation of the nature of frequency distributions of the constituent elements of terms in terminology is carried out, and the result is reported. In order to approximate the regularity of frequency distributions, MizutanVs (1953) formula based on the projection function was… read more
Kageura, Kyo 1997 1.4.3 Multifaceted/Multidimensional Concept SystemsHandbook of Terminology Management: Volume 1: Basic Aspects of Terminology Management, Wright, Sue Ellen and Gerhard Budin (comps.), pp. 119–132 | Article
Kageura, Kyo and Bin Umino 1996 Methods of automatic term recognition: A reviewTerminology 3:2, pp. 259–289 | Article
Following the growing interest in "corpus-based" approaches to computational linguistics, a number of studies have recently appeared on the topic of automatic term recognition or extraction. Because a successful term-recognition method has to be based on proper insights into the nature of terms,… read more
Although the study of scientific terms is gaining in importance and although it is sometimes claimed that the study of terms constitutes an independent discipline called "terminology", there has been little research into the essential perspective from which terms are to be examined. Against this… read more
This paper compares the characteristics of Japanese complex noun terms with those of English in the field of documentation, based on a multilingual corpus. It first presents the basic characteristics of Japanese and English terms at the formal and grammatical level, then it examines the different… read more