Jan Terje Faarlund

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Grammatical Relations in Change

Edited by Jan Terje Faarlund

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 56] 2001. viii, 326 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Syntax


Faarlund, Jan Terje and Kristin Hagemann 2014 Subjects and objects in Germanic and RomanceInformation Structure and Syntactic Change in Germanic and Romance Languages, Bech, Kristin and Kristine Gunn Eide (eds.), pp. 295–312 | Article
The syntactic functions of subject and object are usually characterized by a certain semantic role and/or discourse function (information structure). In a “free word order” language, the position of a phrase at main clause level tends to be determined by its discourse function, while retaining its… read more
Faarlund, Jan Terje 2013 The pro cycleArgument Structure in Flux: The Naples-Capri Papers, Gelderen, Elly van, Jóhanna Barðdal and Michela Cennamo (eds.), pp. 257–284 | Article
The argument in this paper is based on the premise that null subjects are pronouns with no phonological substance, called pro, which may receive case and theta-role. Null subject languages may differ as to the referential properties of pro, in some languages pro may have specific reference, in… read more
Faarlund, Jan Terje 2013 Subjects in ScandinavianThe Diachronic Typology of Non-Canonical Subjects, Seržant, Ilja A. and Leonid Kulikov (eds.), pp. 187–202 | Article
One of the most fundamental changes from Old Norse to the modern Mainland Scandinavian languages is the introduction of the obligatory subject requirement. While Old Norse allowed subjectless sentences of various kinds, present-day Mainland Scandinavian requires an overt subject in finite sentences. read more
Faarlund, Jan Terje 2008 A mentalist interpretation of grammaticalization theoryGrammatical Change and Linguistic Theory: The Rosendal papers, Eythórsson, Thórhallur (ed.), pp. 221–244 | Article
Faarlund, Jan Terje 2007 Parameterization and change in non-finite complementationDiachronica 24:1, pp. 57–80 | Article
Through the history of Nordic and Norwegian, the infinitive marker has undergone several syntactic and phonological changes. This article discusses the syntactic changes in terms of functionalist and generativist grammaticalization theory. The article starts with a brief review of the origin and… read more
Faarlund, Jan Terje 2003 The Nynorsk standard language and Norwegian dialect varietiesSocial Dialectology: In honour of Peter Trudgill, Britain, David and Jenny Cheshire (eds.), pp. 311–325 | Article
Faarlund, Jan Terje 2001 The notion of oblique subject and its status in the history of IcelandicGrammatical Relations in Change, Faarlund, Jan Terje (ed.), pp. 99–135 | Article
The term ‘oblique subject’ is used in recent descriptions of Icelandic about NPs that behave syntactically like subjects without having nominative case. Data in support of such an analysis can easily be found in Modern Icelandic. Various linguists have assumed that also Old Icelandic has oblique… read more
Faarlund, Jan Terje 2001 IntroductionGrammatical Relations in Change, Faarlund, Jan Terje (ed.), pp. 1–13 | Miscellaneous
Faarlund, Jan Terje 2000 Reanalysis in Word Order Stability and ChangeStability, Variation and Change of Word-Order Patterns over Time, Sornicola, Rosanna, Erich Poppe and Ariel Shisha-Halevy (eds.), pp. 119 ff. | Chapter
Faarlund, Jan Terje 1988 A typology of subjectsStudies in Syntactic Typology, Hammond, Michael, Edith A. Moravcsik and Jessica Wirth (eds.), pp. 193 ff. | Article
Faarlund, Jan Terje 1985 Pragmatics in Diachronic SyntaxStudies in Language 9:3, pp. 363–393 | Article